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Pokemon Go Promo Codes (April 2020)

Pokemon Go Promo Codes (April 2020)

Pokemon Go Promo Codes are used to get bonuses .

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about them like

1. What’s the pokemon go promo code??

2. How does promo codes work? (And most important of all) How do I get a promo code for Pokemon go? You will find all the answers in this article.

Let’s get Started:


  • HELPPOKEMON – Free Pack of 1024 Poke coins
  • xhtz7hny1777rffd Latest Updated Promo Codes
  • 2P3N6WKW – Free 118 Incubator Pokemon Go Promo Code
  • 2429 4096 3498 – List of Pokemon Go Friend Code
  • OneTwoThree – Free 3 Legendary Cards
  • 6ZXTNRFY – Lucky Egg
  • 8E2OFJYC – Egg Incubators 
  • 2P3N6WKW – 1 Incubator


Also Read: Friend Codes and mention your Trainer code in the comments, we will add it in our article.

Top Active Pokémon Go Promo Codes List

We try our best to share currently Active Promo Codes list for March 2020 with you, which includes Pokémon Go Sprint Code, Lucky Eggs, Free Pokeball, Community events to get special promo codes.

Today’s Pokémon Go Promo Code

We found the latest working Pokémon Go Promo Code and we would love to share it with you. It is “8E2OFJYC”. When you redeem this promo code you will get the reward of 3 egg incubators and one lucky egg. Maybe this Pokémon Go Promo Code might not work for some users. But don’t worry you can try the other promo codes to get the gifts. (This Code is expired now but I will add the new one ASAP)

We update the list of currently active Pokémon Go Promo Codes, so, Please make sure you bookmark our website to get new Pokemon Go Promo Code.

About Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO was released on July 06, 2016

Due to its immense success, it soon became an emerging trend among players.

It’s a mobile game Augmented reality developed and published by Niantic, Inc.

Within a short span of time, it garnered a lot of players. Just within 2 years, Pokemon Go was downloaded more than 2 million times.

It’s a GPS based game, you need to follow your mobile and find hidden Pokemon.

Promo codes are used to receive special bonuses Like Pokecoins, Free Pokeballsand Rare Pokemons.

Also Read, How many pokemons are there?

Some of the codes are mentioned below:

PMONCHEST Enjoy 2 to 10 Uncommon Chest!

2GHHDGSKSICNS Get 1024 Packs for FREE

FLASHFIRE Use this to get a Rare Pokemon

GYARADOSPROMO1 Get Mega Gyarados and Ex Gyarados Ex

MEWISNOW9 Give you Free Old Mew Card + Mew EX!

Yxdgcvl62rlkb  Pokemon Shedinja Power Up

Alright, So now you are gonna ask for what purpose we can use Pokemon GO Promo codes, No need to worry everything mentioned in detail.

History of Pokemon GO Promo codes

These codes were introduced in May 2017. Promo Codes can be used to acquire legendary Pokemons like Mewtwo, Celebi, etc.

Sadly, the promo codes are only working on Android devices only.

Apple store has banned them due to legal limitations, I’ll keep you updated if this changes in the near future.

Pokémon Go News (March 2020)

  • Pokémon Go has unlocked the feature of ultra bonus.
  • Niantic has announced the legendary raid and it is held in October.
  • Men playing pokemon go on eight mobile phones in his car, caught by the police.
  • Pokemon Go is hosting the First Pokémon Go Invitational Tournament.
  • Pokémon Go has revealed the details of November’s community day.

Community Day (March 2020)

CountryEvent Time Bonus Hours
America & GreenlandComing Soon
Asia PacificComing Soon
Europe, Middle East & Africa

Coming Soon


What are promo codes used for?


Most for the time promo codes are emailed by Niantic, so the player keeps on playing but no need to worry if you don’t receive them.

Promo codes are used to obtain additional assets in the game like legendary Pokemons, to sprint, etc.

I have compiled a list of codes for my friend then thought why not share with the rest of the players around the world.

Note: Remember, I’ll be updating this page time to time make sure you bookmark this page.

Updates For Android And IOs

Updating your game is not complicated, it is just like installing a new one.

Follow the below-mentioned procedure and you’ll be good to Pokemon Go.

You can use the below steps to Install Pokemon Go App

  1. First of all, you need to install Pokemon Go on your device. It’s available on Android and IOS.
  2. Your game version must be updated for promo codes to work.
  3. Just click on the above and it’ll lead you to download.
  4. Once the game is installed and you have configured your details.
  5. Now just keep up with me.

Latest Pokemon Go Promo Codes

NOTCOOLTOSCAM – Free Pokemon Cards

JoacoSayayinYT – Pokemon 50 Free Packs

FURIOUSFISTS free rally deck with this one!

URKCYFYNCVIH Pokemon Go Mystery Gift Code

IAMTHEPACK Pack of 10 coins Pokemon Go Promo code

HELPPOKEMON Free Pokemon GO Promo Code

DJ3xclusive Get 5000 Poke Dollars

Pokemon Go Promo Codes

shyminexShiny Cubone Pokemon Go Promo Code 

URKCYFYNCVIHFree pack of 1024 Coins

FuriousfistsGrab Free rally deck

AshxyEnjoy a Plasma blast booster pack

NPA329OFEarn extra coins and pokeballs

GOTTACATCHEMPACKSPokemon Go Free candies

ImMingChangEnjoy Mega Genger

dragonsexaltedEarn Hat for Free


Codes Generator

While curating a list of working Pokemon go promo codes for you guys.

I came to know that there are sites claiming to be providing pokemon go promo code generators, but none of them were helpful.

Let me know, if you find any code generator site, I’ll be happy to add it here

MyCoupon – Enjoy instant Cash back

PokemonXY – Extra Gift card

JoacoSayayinYT – Free 50+ Packs

darkexplorers Enjoy with a free hat

Pokemontcg – Get a free Pokemon

How can I get free PokeCoins?

In order to receive Pokecoins for free, you need to follow the detailed guide below.

All steps mentioned briefly:

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Download Google Opinion Rewards app.
  3. Complete the short Surveys over there, Each survey will give you reward i.e $$$
  4. Earned rewards will store in Google Play Credits
  5. Now, Open Pokemon Go App
  6. Go to Shop
  7. Select any Package of Pokecoins
  8. Pay using Google Pay

Pokemon GO Coins 2020 | Best Pokemon GO Hack

We have mentioned some friend codes, you can add friends by using their trainer codes and send gifts to them on daily basis, and you can also receive gifts from them to help you in the gameplay. Don’t forget to mention your trainer code in the comment. We’ll add in here, to aid you in the gameplay.

Friend Code Exchange List 2020:

If by chance you cannot find any of the code working, Use these Trainer IDs to add other players, and you can send/ receive gifts from them.

  • 5572 8669 6644
  • 4324 0622 9249
  • 1125 2552 7508
  • 0031 1628 9865
  • 4402 8394 0782
  • 0102 6586 8705
  • 7635 7531 7570
  • 7527 8302 0307
  • 8540 5685 4761
  • 4035 9895 3684
  • 6339 0480 1223  
  • 2442 7089 1389


Note: In comment the section, Please share your Pokemon Go Trainer code.

Pokemon Go UK Codes List

We have tried to mention every possible promo code introduced worldwide, How can we miss Pokemon GO Promo Codes, UK List.
So check below we have mentioned codes for UK Players.

Promo Codes Pokemon Go [Potential]Promo Codes Details
UVGWEWEGWELKPokemon Go Promo Code 2020
UOBSWEGWLKWEPokemon Go Promo Code September 2020
UOGEWGWLKJEGPromo Codes For Pokemon Go February 2020
UMWGEWLKEGLDLatest Promo Codes Pokemon Go 2019
UMWGEWLKEGLEPokemon Go Promo Codes 2018

Promo Codes For Pokemon Go 2020

Pokémon Go Promo Codes Reddit

You can Rename your Eevee pokemon with below-given cheats to get new effects.

Pokémon Go Effects

Pokémon Go Promo Codes












You can find a detailed article here – For Eevee evolution hack.


No need to check multiple websites for Pokemon Go promo codes like Reddit, forums.

I’ll try to mention all worldwide released promo codes in this article.

How do you get free PokeCoins in Pokemon Go?

  • Go to >> Pokemon Gym Stop.
  • With every Pokemon you have on Gym, You will get 10 Pokecoins and 500 Stardust, 
  • You can earn a maximum of 5000 Stardust & 100 Pokecoins within every 21 hours.
  • You can earn 100 coins and 5000 Stardust daily with having 10 Pokemons only.


Q 01: How do I get promo codes for Pokemon go?

Ans: You can get codes by attending a special event, by participating in promotions or can be emailed by developers to the players to keep you busy.

Q 02: How does a Pokemon Go Promo Code 2020 look like?

Ans: The codes are not user-friendly, unable to understand them. Mostly they are complex, long, e.g: xhtz7hvch541ubd.

Q 03: Are Pokemon  promo codes region restricted?

Ans: Promo codes are not region-restricted, Players from any region can redeem the codes if you get your hands on any of them without any hesitation.

Q 04: What are the advantages of Promo Codes?

Ans: Promo Codes can be used to get unfair advantage among other players,

Q 05: What is my Pokémon GO promo code?

Ans: You don’t own promo codes they are provided by the developers.

Q 06: How to get Legendary Promo Codes?

Ans: First of all, there is no confirmation that we can get Legendary Pokémon with promo codes!

There are some news that Niantic rewards the Legendary Pokemons to only those players who participate in “Large Scale Events”

Q 07: Are promo codes only redeemable by one person, or can everyone redeem a code?

Ans: Many people asked this question, but Niantic hasn’t answered anything about it. However, many of the Promo Codes are used for a longer period of time.

Q 08: Will I get banned for trying out random Pokemon GO Promo Codes?

Ans: Can’t tell for sure, but why hassle. You might end up blocking your account.

Q 09: Is it possible to redeem Pokemon Go Promo Code 2020 via Full Inventory

Ans: You need empty space in your bag, in order to receive new items.

Q 10: What is the process of redeeming Pokemon Go Promo Codes 2020 in mobile applications such as IOS and Android?

Ans: First, you must update your app. Complete Promo Code redeeming procedure is explained below in this article.

Q 11: Does the iPhone player have the option to take advantage of Pokemon Go Promo codes?

Ans: Sorry, due to the iOS policy. You are unable to take benefit from Promo Codes.

Q 12: Why are promo codes not available on iOS?

Ans: Apple takes a 30% fee on Every transaction we do on IOS for purchasing – No matter what, even when the transaction is made offline. As per IOS, that’s why they don’t allow the promo codes to get bonuses If they allow these types of offers they won’t get their 30% :/

How Can I Redeem Pokemon Go Promo Code on iOS and Android devices?

Feel free to check the promo codes mentioned in this article, Pokemon GO promo codes 2020, all of these can be redeemed on android devices only. 

As I have mentioned earlier, these won’t be working on Apple iOS devices due to legal limitations.

I request you do not go for hacks or tricks, this might get your account suspended. The rest is up to you


How to redeem Pokemon GO promo codes

Step 1. Go to Pokemon Go App

Step 2.  Tap the Poke Ball on the Main screen

Step 3. Touch the Main Menu button.

Step 4. Now, Go to Shop.

Step 5.  In the bottom, there is a text field. Enter the promo code in it.

Step 6. Click Redeem.

You have redeemed the pokemon promo code successfully, and the item is added to your inventory.

These might be expired so, please let us know which promo code is not working we will remove it.