10 Best Pokemon in 4 Generations

10 Best Pokemon in 4 Generations

With Eight generations of Pokemon now in existence having more than 809 Pokemon, it makes it substantially difficult for Pokemon Go players to decide upon which is the best Pokemon. In the article below we have unveiled the best Pokemon which you should include them in your Pokedex as quickly as possible.

The criteria for our selection is based on both attacking and defense statistics along with their PVP battles. You should be focusing your efforts on collecting these best Pokemon so you can be invincible in Pokemon Go. Check out the 10 Best Pokemon below

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10. Tyranitar


The reason why we have included Tyranitar in our list is because of its unmitigated size and will power. Tyranitar brings versatility in fighting with a stat of 251 in attacking. This Pokemon was included in Gen 2 and has been on one of the top priority lists since then. It possesses maximum combat power of 3834 which is not much less than the top-performing Pokemon.

The best skill set of Tyranitar is bite and crunch which makes it effective in countering on the battlefield against powerful Pokemon. It can easily destroy mountains and make rivers buried beneath them. Usually, maps are redrawn when Tyranitar gets in the mood of destruction.

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9. Mewtwo


Mewtwo has commendable Combat Power of 4178 with the second-highest attack stat of 300. It stands second in our list because of the Psychic abilities. Mewtwo can confuse other Pokemon and provide a Superfast and Charged attack in the battles.

Mewtwo was created after genetic experiments through Science and is able to learn new moves. The best move for Mewtwo is “Shadow Ball” and it can help to counter Mewtwos in enemy frontlines. When compared with Arceus, Mewtwo is definitely a winner as Arceus cannot learn every move. Mewtwo possesses the skill to disable the Special Abilities of other Pokemon and that’s why it is so much powerful.

8. Rayquaza


Rayquaza can easily be termed as the Strongest Pokemon which was introduced in Generation 3 and included in Weather Trio. It has a super-effective hyper beam which can help you to take out the enemy opponents including both Kyogre and Grodoun. Rayquaza is known as a Sky High Pokemon and is a strong flying dragon with the combat power 3835.

Rayquaza can Mega Evolve without the use of any Mega Stone which makes it highly ranked in comparison to other Pokemon. It possesses dual dragon moves with the remarkable combination of Outrage and Dragon Tail.

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7. Snorlax


Snorlax is a funny entertaining character and is known to be a “Sleeping Pokemon”. It is quite fat and that is why can be highly effective in defense. Snorlax required a bit of hard training to be able to master the attack and defense moves but it can be unstoppable once this is done. He likes to sleep a lot and can take good care of the ones who tend to disrupt the sleeping process.

6. Gengar


A “Shadow Pokemon” existing since the introduction of Generation 1. He is able to steal life though possess low health and defense stats. It is a Dual Type Ghost/Poison Pokemon and has always been the top preference of trainers to be included in each of the Pokedex. The best moves of Gengar are Hex and Shadow Ball and is able to dominate any Pokemon when trained perfectly.

5. Groudon


Groudon is called as “Continent Pokemon” and is a beast Ground-type introduced in Generation 3. Groudon has not undergone any evolution process but if it holds the Red Orb can become Primal Groudon after going through Primal Reversion. With Kyogre ability to expand oceans, Groudon has the power to expand continents. With the possession of fire type moves, Groudon can make sunlight very much harsh for the opponents to sustain. It is also known as the Red Monster with Combat Power 4115.


4. Dragonite


Dragonite has a Maximum Combat power 3792 and remarkable attack stat 263. It is a Pokemon that can have 4 types in one time: ice, electric, flying, and dragon. You can move around the world with first pseudo legendary Dragonite in just 16 hours time. With Dragonite, trainers can find the lost ships and lead them back to the safe lands.

3. Metagross


With the introduction in Generation 3, Metagross is dual-natured Psychic/Steel pseudo legendary Pokemon. It belongs to Iron leg Species and possesses a high Combat Power of 3791. If you are able to get Metagrossite then this Pokemon can Mega Evolve into Mega Metagross.

2. Kyogre


Kyogre is known to be a Sea Basin Pokemon and equals Groudon in the Combat Power Stats. Both have the same defense and attack stats but they differ in their specialization of move sets. It is a water type Pokemon and does not go through the process of evolution.

Kyogre is best when it comes to expanding the oceans and the two counter moves Stab Waterfall and Hydro Pump are brilliant. This Pokemon is included in Generation Three’s Weather Trio and is highly effective in the battle against Groudon. When there is full health, Kyogre has the ability to hit targets with 100% accuracy.

1. Blissey


Blissey is known to be a “Happiness Pokemon” and evolves from Chansey. It has a large body size with Pink Upper Body and White Lower Body. What makes Blissey to be included in our list is because of commendable Stamina stat 496. It can be super effective in defending Gyms and play crucial roles in PVP and Raid Battles.

I like Mewtwo, Please let us know which is your favourite Pokemon?

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