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Community Day // When & What to Expect – PGPC

Community Day // When & What to Expect – PGPC


Torchic Community Day is coming, Are you ready?

After the success of April 2019 community day, Niantic is going to create a new in the May 2019 for the players of Pokemon Go. Fire type Torchic from Generation III will be featured Pokemon for this community day. All the important details about this community day is given below:

Event Name:

  • Niantic named this event Torchic Community Day”

Date & Time:

  • Sunday May 19, 2019 at 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM (Local Time)

Community day is scheduled on May 19,2019 within the given player’s local time, 15:00 to 18:00. Niantic told that Torchic will appear more frequently in the wild. Moreover, They will provide the three lure modules for the duration of the event. Also, there is a bonus that you can get when paly Torchic Community Day i.e 3x Catch Stardust.

Like the previous Community Day Announcements, Niantic has not confirmed the excluive move yet. But some players are guessing the Blast Burn will be available in this event, it will evolve Combusken.

Stay tuned to Pokemon Go Promo Code as we will inform you as soon as the exclusive move is made public

Torchic is a III Generation Fire Type Pokemon.


Torchic Weakness:

  1. Water type pokemon
  2. Ground type pokemon
  3. Rock type pokemon

Torchic Evolves into Combusken Fire and Fight type pokemon, And then ultimately transforms into Blaziken.


Torchic MoveSet:

  1. Ember
  2. Fire Spin
  3. Flamethrower
  4. Peck


Combusken MoveSet

  1. Sky Uppercut
  2. Bulk Up
  3. Double Kick
  4. Ember


Blaziken MoveSet

  1. Double Kick
  2. Sky Uppercut
  3. Fire Punch
  4. Ember
  5. Blaze Kick

You’ll have to catch this cool fire type pokemon within 3 hours.

In order, to get this pokemon, you need to connect with the community.

You need to connect with community on your own behalf.

Easiest way to find community near you, I’ll recommend:

  1. Type #PokemonGOCommunityDay in any of the social media channel.
  2. You’ll be able to connect with fellow trainers.

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