How to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO [Complete Guide]

How to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO [Complete Guide]


Background of Pokemon Go Ditto

Ditto has been the part of Pokemon Go since the introduction of Generation 1. Pokemon Go Ditto has not been evolved from other Pokemon nor does it evolve into others. The best thing about this Pokemon is its ability to disguise itself as other Pokemon. The transformation allows Ditto to appear as disguised Pokemon and display the same attributes as others.

Each Ditto’s strength of transformation varies and occasionally face changing is difficult for it. Also, laughing can cause Ditto to lose its transformation. Two Pokemon Go Dittos cannot be transformed into each other. This character remains near to local civilization and living persons and has the capability to use Metal Powder.

Ditto Disguise List



It was first discovered while hiding as Ratatta, Zubat, Pidgy, and Magikarp in Generation 1. Its natural colors are light pink and contain vestigial facial. The ability to transform into exact replicas of objects around taking all the forms and abilities is quite commendable. In the second generation, Ditto expanded its abilities to transform into Yanma, Sentra, and Hoothoot. Taillow and Zigzagoon were the new characters added in Generation 3 which Ditto was able to transform into.

If trainers want to add mythical Mew in their Pokedex Ditto is a prerequisite for them. That is why Ditto has become an essential Pokemon to be included in Pokedex. If you are wondering how many Pokemon can be disguised as Ditto then below is the list:

  1. Ledyba
  2. Sentret
  3. Venonat
  4. Paras
  5. Gulpin
  6. Yanma
  7. Hoothoot
  8. Remoraid
  9. Whismur

Importance of Pokemon Go Ditto

Firstly, Ditto is a prerequisite to catch mystical Mew Pokemon. So, you surely need to add Ditto in your Pokedex. Secondly, it brings some valuable skills in gym battles. When involved in Gym Battle, Ditto will replicate its appearance and skills of the first Pokemon it will see. Make sure it sees some Powerful Pokemon and you can use opponent movesets as your own. It will remain in its transformation until gym battles proceed.

How to catch Pokemon Go Ditto?

The biggest problem in catching Pokemon Go Ditto is that it can’t be detected in its disguised form. It will be until then when you catch a Pokemon from the above list and then it will reveal its identity. Most of the time Ditto resides in wild areas in disguised forms so catching them in nearby places is quite a rare thing.

Only after catching a Pokemon, you can come to know whether it was Ditto or not. Anyone of the Pokemon from Disguise List can be ditto so they should be in your targeted list. If you want to increase your chances of including Ditto in your Pokedex, the only bet is to catch Pokemon which are included in the above list. Finding Ditto in its natural form is rare and probably has never been found like this.

Although it was included in Generation 1 its discovery was a lot later near the end of the series. If you are specifically looking for Ditto then you should match the XP level to avoid wasting your time. Ditto doesn’t have specific nests and spawn points where it resides. Common Pokemon in which it transforms usually have their locations discovered. Go hit Pokestops, Gyms, famous spawn points to increase your chances of catching Pokemon Go Ditto.

Pokemon Go Gym battles can be a better place to find Ditto much easily. Try to reach out to Pokemon Go communities and ask out for Ditto Gym Raids. Participate in those raids and you can have significant chances of catching Ditto

Once any Pokemon from the common list is identified as Ditto, then it will continue to reveal its identity for everyone who catches it. So, everyone should let their social circle know when anyone catches a Ditto. After fulfilling their requirements they can exchange Ditto for some other Pokemon in the Pokedex.

We will have to catch as many Pokemon to discover Ditto since we have come to know that finding Ditto from its original appearance and attributes is not possible. Using Incense and lures can be a good option to catch a large number of Pokemon in a short time. Figure out flashpoints where the probability of finding Pokemons is higher, and drop Incense or a Lure. Hopefully, some of the common Pokemon will reveal themselves as Pokemon Go Ditto.

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