Friend Codes – How to Get Daily Rewards Free

Friend Codes – How to Get Daily Rewards Free

We all have loved the Pokemon Go and now we need more and more friends to connect and build some strong connections. Pokemon Go trainers are in continuous search of Pokemon Go friend codes to add up some new friends with each coming day. Without Pokemon Go friends, completing Pokedex can be a mountain to climb.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes


These friend codes are the unique identity of each Pokemon Go Trainer and usually, they are not publicly accessible.

Pokemon Go allows the trainers to socialize and trade with each other. When someone is added to your friend list with the help of Pokemon Go friend codes, you can send them gifts, trade Pokemon with each other. This kind of partnership allows you to increase friendship levels and unveil new bonuses. When you receive a Pokemon from your friend, a candy bonus is earned.

Having a long list of Pokemon Go friends have several advantages to the trainers. Please check the sample list of Pokemon Go Friend Codes

Sr. NoNameLocationFriend Code
1Gertjan Netherlands3786 7230 8685
2BelindaUSA0786 3036 5783
3MaGnatu751Romania2055 9085 2009
4MyriamTexas8198 9308 8590
5FishingKingKongSweden5825 1644 4404
6AmyUSA5855 5324 5781
7ImAngelx Belgium4133 0313 8366
8LuckystarUK3692 8001 0445
9CarlPhillipines1643 6866 9588
10MarlaynaNevada9214 4952 2444
11GoncaloPortugal7617 8172 1563
12Rob BlakeAustralia1378 5306 4239
13Shona TocockAustralia5466 0610 5859
14Gabriela ApiladoCalifornia3840 1011 8551
15Manny PelayoCalifornia9743 7400 1157
16Lyn BrooksUK0013 9847 8681
17Courtney MarieWashington1139 1997 0449
18Terri SueCalifornia2680 7264 2500
19Enjulie DomingoCalifornia2404 1127 9359
20Michael DolezarPortland9197 6855 2721

How to find Pokemon Go friend codes?

Since it is a global game and cooperation is required between the players to discover Pokemon that are difficult to find. You can’t keep going on your own without any help and trading. Also, bonuses are awarded to the trainers who have achieved strong friendship levels.

We have listed down our collection of Pokemon go friend codes to easily add up new friends. Trainers from all around the world share their friend codes with us through our website and facebook page. We continuously update this webpage with our latest list of Pokemon go friend codes and you always check weekly for some new friends.

If you are looking to go a long way in Pokemon Go then there is a strong need to add up friends as quickly as possible. Without help from others, there is a very little chance of survival and catch powerful Pokemon to be included in your Pokedex.

Levels of Friendship


The introduction of Friendship system has helped to evolve the game and make it much more exciting and fun. With all the benefits of friends listed above, you should try to add as many friends with Pokemon Go Friend Codes also listed down by us below. You gain insights into the game when you exchange gifts and discover powerful Pokemon during trading.

The difficulty of unlocking new levels becomes a mind-boggling task and that is where you can overcome the hurdles with the help of your friends. The status of your friendship level determines how much bonuses you can achieve with ease. With no bonus at Friends status, you can earn 3000 XP at the level of Good Friend. The trading is allowed when both reach the level of Good friend.

Great friend level helps in earning the bonus of 10,000 XP and some discounts are awarded during the trading which is quite useful. Ultra Friend friendship level gets you 50,000 XP and this reaches 100,000 XP when you reach Best Friend level of friendship. The awards of discounts during trading, gym and raid attack bonus, rapid capture balls increase in quantity with the increase at each friendship level. From each friend of yours, you can collect almost 164,000 XP which is very much useful and important for the progress of your game.

There are some limitations of time to increase the friendship level and it is achievable only when you are consistent over a long period of time. Only twelve gifts are allowed to be open in a single day by you and you can send only one gift to each friend during the period of 24 hours. 100 gifts can be sent by each Pokemon Trainer to their friends on the list. This is time-consuming but can be much easier than to compete with monsters and participate in gym battles. Gifts can be usually collected from the Pokestops if you are visiting them regularly

Benefits of Pokemon Friends



It may start with sending of gifts and trading some Pokemon but connections are very much useful for numerous other things. You can team up with other Pokemon trainers to win the challenging Gym battles. Usually, there are three teams competing for the ownership of a gym. You need to join one of them and play along with the Pokemon who are in your team. This requires a very good mutual understanding between the trainers of a team to defeat the opponents. This can only be done with the time when you are regularly communicating with your friends.

Raid battles is another front where a strong team of Pokemon trainers is required to defeat the powerful raid bosses. Raid battle almost requires a team of twenty trainers to cooperate with each other and emerge victorious against very powerful Pokemon usually known as the Raid Boss. When you are able to defeat the Raid Boss, you are in a very good position to catch the extra powerful Pokemon to be included in your Pokedex.

Exchange gifts with your Pokemon Go Friends



When you add each other as friends on Pokemon Go, it is very important to reciprocate when someone sends you gift. You won’t be getting the nice gestures for a very long time if you won’t reciprocate and send gifts generously. If you won’t be building up strong connections with Pokemon Go friends, then there is a minimal chance to receive favors in a difficult time of yours.

The trading and socializing features are to be used smartly so that you can collect as many Pokemon as you want. Friends are just not for sending gifts and trading Pokemon but you can set up teams among powerful trainers to overcome several challenges in the game.

How to redeem Friend codes

Now you have discovered the pokemon go friend codes list, it’s time to get them added on your friend list.


Step 1. Go to Pokemon Go App

Step 2.  Tap the character on the Main screen. A window will be displayed

Step 3. Click on the Friends tab

Step 4. Tap on the  ADD FRIEND 

Step 5.  In the bottom, There is a text field. Enter the friend code in it.

Step 6. Click SEND.

You have added the friend successfully.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes 2020

Sr. NoNameFriend Code
1Josh 8378 3835 1618
2Alex2861 5930 7029
3Rupi3941 3350 1874
4Cory McGivern5592 1632 3187
5Krista Bradley0847 5304 7185
6super_user6818 6801 6955
7Jonas Friberg5714 8167 6359
8Stephanie Villatoro9831 4796 4129
9Samuel0552 3839 5125
10Wilson8409 2034 8343
11Labonte kevin3019 3936 8992
12Wilson2554 7768 3287
13ttx11 4503 3285 4494
14Christine0360 2750 5966
15Emily8152 3487 2720
16Nick3464 2760 2663
17Donovan 0631 7868 0974
18Baneone4u 5476 7710 5550
19Zip 7805 2209 2458
20Neol3071 1469 2247
22Patricia7428 7944 8163
24Baneone4u2 5476 7710 5550
25Carlos9762 1327 6608
26Dom1256 8633 0832
27Dom1256 8633 0832
28Tinlickercz0886 5947 4680
29Phillip6010 7829 3202
30Lee7725 9821 2751
31Phillip4932 6958 5323
32Jon7666 6550 9279
33Salman0324 2427 9064
34Tarcísio1504 3307 5627
35Bas8580 8087 8662
36Connie8744 2230 6786
37Kristen5001 0921 5390
38RandlerJake6144 1510 3181
39Jizzy8595 2017 0209
40Preston6098 0164 7269
41Est9910 1077 2642
42Lux4060 5624 1498
43Taniel2956 5790 2502
44Gail1820 9997 6049
45Heather5093 0247 3578
46Kimmie4041 4795 7547
47Anthony4619 7626 2853
48Koops7518 4301 1053
49Lux4060 5624 1498
50Robert2066 4469 0169
51jonas2497 0572 4621
52Marcin8340 8987 7087
53BRYAN8382 7596 2845
54Patrick0897 2627 0640
55Rae2717 1515 0218
56Scoby1061 2492 6997
57Kristina 9872 9062 6848
58Jon 2246 0386 9389
59Add me 6398 7313 5484
60Lindsey1964 0599 2365
61Y 9209 2027 4649
62Arlan 6862 4819 0666
63Will 4303 3889 2854
64Alejandro 1739 2618 2902
65Ozan 6813 5106 1754
Please share your Friend Code and we will add your code in our List.

176 thoughts on “Friend Codes – How to Get Daily Rewards Free

    1. I will return all gifts my family and I play daily and I am looking for some people to give all the extra gifts. My code is
      3941 3350 1874

  1. Looking for daily exchange friend, am a truck driver so get gifts from the USA midwest to west coast..please 0786 3036 5783

    1. Hi Iam from the Nederlands my name is Dayann0369. I wanna share you friend gifts. I invited you I hope we become good friendship.

    1. I m from NEPAL and there is no poke stops and gyms near me my lv is 12 i like to play it to much i cant send u gifts please just hive me pokeballs

  2. I want to trade gifts with people from all over the world! I’m from the Netherlands

    Please add me! 9216 1897 0991

  3. 1061 2492 6997
    I’m new to Pokémon Go, but I used to play Ingress, so I am excited about jumping in with both feet and will do my best to help anyone in need, especially my friends! Have fun!

  4. Trainer who need help/gifts because of their location (just one Stop in their village).

    4062 9785 9367
    1880 5127 9116
    5507 6959 2173
    3448 2671 7987
    0085 7388 9611
    6894 8596 2156

  5. Hello, I’m from Ontario Canada.
    Looking to add some friends to exchange gifts for XP.
    Getting back into this game after a long break. Daily player!

    4492 1949 0945

    Thanks in advance! Lets get this grind! 🙂

  6. Just a few friencodes, who need help/gifts because of their location (just one stop in their village).
    4062 9785 9367 (Michael)
    1880 5127 9116 (Leonie)
    5507 6959 2173 (Tim)
    3448 2671 7987 (Valerie)
    0085 7388 9611 (Luca)
    6894 8596 2156 (Marco)

  7. Friendly Codes from Slovakia (Europe) for ‘10000 km’ events:
    7781 9020 5499 (4dusk4)
    6126 1964 6669 (adusk4)
    0918 8801 8737 (m4rtan)

  8. Bonjour, we are a little family from Bordeaux, France. Our code : 5332 1179 5023.
    My 2 little children (8y and 5y) Will be very happy to exchange gifts everyday with you!

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