Pokemon Go Lucky Egg: How to Acquire & When to Use

Pokemon Go Lucky Egg: How to Acquire & When to Use

Luck Egg

Pokemon Lucky Egg helps out trainers in increasing their levels when they are stuck at a certain lower level. With trainers at below level than 30, Lucky Eggs are a great help out to them to double the XP they gain. It is activated for 30 minutes and XP earnings are doubled during this period.

How to get Lucky Egg?

Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs are not available for free and you have to buy them in exchange for Pokecoins. 1 Lucky Egg will cost you 80 Pokecoins, 8 Lucky Eggs for 500 Pokecoins and 25 Lucky Eggs for 1250 Pokecoins. If you don’t want to buy them, they can be unlocked after reaching certain levels. Trainers get one Lucky Egg when they complete level 9 for the first time. Next are unlocked at level 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 respectively.

When to use Pokemon Lucky Egg?

Since your XP earnings are doubled when lucky eggs are active, you should make most out of it. The best combination of resources is to have Incense and Lure Modules before you active the Lucky Egg. Trainers should have plenty of Pokeballs and room in the storage container to catch Maximum Pokemon. Enough Pokeballs should be there to spawn the Pokemons caught during this time.

To gain maximum XPs in limited time, the best way is to evolve the Pokemon. Catching new Pokemon also gives bonuses but evolution helps to earn more. Pidgey is most preferable to evolve since it only requires 12 Pidgey Candy to evolve. Trainers earn 1000 XP when they evolve Pidgey instead of 500 XP normally. You would want to catch as many easy to evolve Pokemons before activating the Lucky Egg.

The trick to gain enormous XP is to active the Lucky Egg on a seventh-day streak. Activate the Lucky Egg just before the completion of the 7th-day streak and earn about 8000 XPs. Another hack is to collect as many 10km eggs as you can. Hatching them in normal times gives 1000 XP and you can get double when hatched after Lucky Egg is active. .

It is never a great idea to use Pokemon Go Lucky Egg before having rightful resources. Wait for favorable circumstances to grind the maximum level of XPS after Lucky Egg is active. 

Some of the codes are mentioned below:

How to use Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go?

Now, you have all the resources in your pocket and now it’s time to know what to do after Lucky Egg is active. The first thing you should do is start evolving your Pokemon. If you have a sufficient collection of Pidgey and candies, you will be having a massive XP grinding session. .

After you have evolved all the Pokemons, its time to hatch 10km eggs you’ve stored up. If you have hoarded 9 10km eggs, you can gain 18000 XPS quickly. The remaining time you have got should be spent on catching maximum Pokemons. 

Head over to the Pokestop and place Lures. Activate Incense to identify all the nearby Pokemons. The best thing is to have multiple Pokestops next to each other. In this way, fewer Lure models will be required to make maximum Pokemon appear. Keep moving from one Pokestop to another to get more opportunities for Pokemon Spawn.

Benefits: Get the Most Out of Them

Lucky eggs come very handily when you are stuck to move to the next level in Pokemon Go. This means you require maximum XPs to get to the next level. This opportunity is provided by Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs. For 30 minutes, you can double your XP earning and move to the next Pokemon Go level. .

One of the trainers hatched 9 eggs, evolved 53 Pokemons, and caught 7 Pokemons in 30 minutes’ time. After all this, he was able to gain an enormous amount of 60000 XPS. If you strategically handle this time and wait for the right moment to use the lucky egg pokemon go, you would be getting huge amount of XPS.


There are times when trainers get completely stuck in any of the Pokemon Go levels. To be able to tackle this, you need to save your Pokemon Go Lucky Egg until then. If used before, you can use Pokecoins to get the Lucky Eggs. This will allow you the time to complete your XPS requirements to complete the level. So, it is a great hack to get things going for trainers when they are stuck somewhere. 

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