How MANY Pokemon Are there!!

How MANY Pokemon Are there!!

After seeing seven generations of pokemon, we are proud to say that 807 pokemon species now exist, introduced by the Pokemon franchise in 1996 for the first time.

Each of the 807 fictional species has its own unique design and set of qualities. These species have inhabited the fictional world of Pokemon and are monsters that can be collected.

These 807 species were released in different generations over the period of time, and the Pokemon lovers always anticipate new characters. The first generation, Generation I, was released in 1996, which comprised of 151 species. The success of this can be evaluated in this way that even after more than twenty years, Pokemon is still loved by masses.

Generation I (1996-98)

Generation I is generally known as Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. These pokemon are still being loved by earliest players of this game and they can call themselves legends of the game. Due to their amazing response, Pokemon was a huge hit at that time.

The first version of this video game was designed for Gameboy and Nintendo 3DS. The fanbase which developed after the first version, designing the second generation was inevitable.

Generation II (1999-2001)

Generation II was called Gold, Silver, and Crystal release in 1999 continued till 2001. 100 new creatures were released for this time period which users were missing in the first generation. The platform for this generation remained the same, Nintendo 3DS and Gameboy. This marked the developer’s intentions to increase the scope of Pokemon and increased the inhabitants of the fictional world. Some of the older families were expanded from the first generation along with the release of some new families.

Generation III (2002-2005)

2002 was the high time to release Generation III and the platform for this generation was Gameboy Advance. The main title for the third generation was Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and this added 135 more species to the Pokemon family. After this release, the number of species totaled 386.

This was the time period where many people believed that it was a resetting of the series. The story evolved over the past two generations was also set aside. The previous regions of the Pokemon world, Johto and Kanto, were not used and species were established at Hoenn Region.

Generation IV (2006 – 2009)

2006 was the time for the fourth generation, Generation IV, to be released and the total number of species reached 493 after the release of 107 more species. This generation titled as Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and the intended platform was Nintendo DS. The focused region during the years 2006-2010 was Sinnoh region and enhanced remakes were species HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Generation V (2010 – 2012)

The number of Pokemon reached up to the number of 649 after the launch of Generation V released for the time period 2010-2013. Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 was the title of Generation V and 156 new species were added along with the previous ones.

The communications between the previous version did not get affected. As Generation IV was able to exchange Pokemon with the Generation III games, similar was the case with the new generation which could communicate with Generation IV. So Pokemon transfer was possible as the generations tend to increment over the period of time.

Generation VI (2013 – 2015)

The revelation of Pokemon X and Y was the sixth generation and Generation VI lasted from 2013-2016. 72 new species came into being in the world of Pokemon increasing the Pokemon family from 649 to 721.

Generation VII (2016 – 2018)

Last but not least, the seventh generation of Pokemon was released in 2016 with the revelation of Pokemon Sun and Moon which also became the main title of this generation. 86 new species were released for this generation making the total to 807 of Pokemon. A bit later, Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, remade for Nintendo Switch platform.

The eighth generation from Pokemon franchise is expected to be released later this year comprising of even more interesting fictional characters. The main title is Sword and Shield for this and would be mainly for Nintendo Switch adding three new characters.

                                     Complete Pokemon List

Soon we’ll compile a list for the Pokemon lovers, but for the time being, you can check it here.

National Pokedex

With so many Pokemon in existence, each species is listed in articles of generation. National Pokedex keeps a record of the number of each Pokemon creature. It also provides several other information for the species as it functions as an electronic encyclopedia inside the game. National Pokedex has an ordering pattern where it lists first the Starter Pokemon. Then the species early obtainable with respect to their games are shown.

Evolution of Pokemon

The Pokemon species have the ability to evolve into a more powerful creature larger in size.  This enables them to increase their variety of attacks and have some better stats. For the purpose of evolving species, one has to reach a certain level, use special stones, or mastering a new attack. There are different types of evolutions in Pokemon such as Mega Evolution, Normal Evolution, and Primal Reversion.

Although this Pokemon game design and creatures are intended for people in younger age, each Pokemon comprises of a different set of attributes such as natures, characteristic traits, Individual Values (IVs), and Effort Values (EVs). People who love battling can go more into depth while playing Pokemon.

With the introduction of new generations after a certain period of time, Legendary and Mythical both Pokemon are inducted that have more power, difficult to find, and hard to obtain. For instance, Ultra Beasts were introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon which were some amazing species.

These vast numbers of Pokemon adds variety to the fun and enjoyment one can have while being involved with the game over all the years. The motivation to evolve species is in the great interest of players and matching stats can always be really competitive.

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