Top 5 Pokemon Go Map – Find Pokemon Nearby (Updated 2019)

Top 5 Pokemon Go Map – Find Pokemon Nearby (Updated 2019)


Pokemon Go trainers got excited when they were able to find Pokemon with the help of Pokemon Go Map. These tracking services were available in abundance until Pokemon Go started banning them. These maps and trackers got removed by Pokemon Go due to the misuse policy and a hindrance to the growth of the game.

Benefits of Pokemon Go Maps

Pokemon tracking apps allow us to detect Pokemon in any given area while sitting at home. This was done by the developers through Pokemon Go API. Along with Pokemon catching, trainers can also find Pokestops, Gym raid and see the details of Gym Boss. Players are on top of the game with Pokemon Go maps as they know what’s happening in the neighborhood. Also, you can get to know about far locations and track your favorite Pokemon. You can also connect with Pokemon trainers using connectivity features of Pokemon Go Map and share Pokemon Go Friend Codes..

These maps and trackers got removed by Pokemon Go due to the misuse policy and a hindrance to the growth of the game. But still, there are some maps which are working very well and can be effective to get on top of the game. We have come up with a list of Pokemon Go Map that you can use them in 2019.

1. PogoMap


Pogomap is the best performing Pokemon Go Map. It helps to locate the PokeStops and PokeGyms along with the raid maps. Users can keep a well-organized record of their Pokemon Go activities. You can track all the required things from a given set of locations in the sidebar. Trainers can also add the location of their choice if they want to perform a search in a specific area.

Users can report raid and it will show up in everyone’s raid tracking. Also, the best thing about Pogomap is you can set up a notification alert for each of the locations. Whenever there is something happening over there, you will be notified.

2. Wizards Unite Map


Wizards Unite Map is a newly introduced Pokemon Go Map with some exciting features. It contains powerful tools to help you out in unlocking the new levels of Pokemon Go. Wizards Unite Map shows all the greenhouses, inns and fortresses with plant timers. You can receive instant notifications for all the traces you’ve set up with your user account.

Discord servers allow the trainers to chat with other wizards and this is a great opportunity to find new friend codes. S2 Cells and Parks shows the type of maps of your choice like a Roadmap, Satellite Map or Open Street Map. This allows you to see all the marked locations of your choice and find all the required objects and places.

3. Pokemap


Pokemon GO is an android based Pokemon Go Finder. This is an interactive application where you can find real-time Pokemon in nearby locations. The statistics including their strengths and move sets are displayed to allow trainers to decide to catch them or not. You can use the search filter to find Pokemon by their names. This is really helpful when you are looking for a specific Pokemon only and allows to save time. Time is money and money is everything.

Users can find Pokemon by Country with Pokemap and you can select preferred cities where Pokemon search is intended. Also, they have listed down all the Pokemon in Pokedex with a strong visual representation. You can find all the stats and attack/defense moves of each Pokemon included in the Pokedex. This helps you to decide which Pokemon to find next.

4. NYCPokeMap


NYCPokeMap is another working Pokemon Go Map in 2019. Its user interface is quite simple and can be very handy to detect the Pokemon of your own choice. The search filter allows you to find the Pokemon of the required strength and generation it belongs to. Also, if you want to find specific Pokemon, you can search by name.

You can find where Raids are going to happen and their boss level is displayed plus the weather information. Trainers can reach there and team up against the Gym boss to earn bonus points. Also, find Quests and Pokestop on the map to increase the chances of rewards and bonuses.

5. The Silph Road

The Silph Road Map

The Silph Road has been a reliable Pokemon Go Map for a considerate period of time. They have got an attractive user interface and provide the latest news for Pokemon Go. An amazing display of Pokedex with all the Pokemon sorted generation wise. You can find locations for Eggs, Raids and Task lists to earn points and climb Pokemon Go levels.

Nest Atlas feature provide field reports generated with the help of Silph Road Travelers. You can shortlist the nest selection with filters provided of Pokemon Go Generation and whether they are verified or not. Users can also search Pokemon Go Community Maps and find new communities nearby. This makes it really convenient to make new friends and build a strong base for earning points easily through the exchange of gifts and trading.

We have listed out the best working Pokemon Go Maps which are really helpful in digging out locations of Pokemon, Gyms Raids and many other things. Our team continuously keep check of new trends in Pokemon Go. You can always come back to find the list of updated tools and apps to be always on top among your social circle.

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