6 Best Pokemon IV Calculators [Updated 2020]

6 Best Pokemon IV Calculators [Updated 2020]


Pokemon Go IV Calculator is a useful resource for individuals to determine the Pokemon IV. For each of the pokemon, there are 3 unique IVs for Attack, Stamina, and Defense stats. IVs are unknown values ranging between 0 and 15. IV stands for Individual Values in Pokemon Go

The reason why Pokemon IV Calculator is important because of the fact that all Pokemon do not possess the same power. Same max level Pokemon can have different IVs which means they differ in their effectiveness. A higher IV means Pokemon is more powerful than others. This leads to deciding its battle competency, Pokemon strength, and Combat Power

What is Pokemon IV Calculator?

We have explained above IV and why it matters to the trainers. Now it’s time to discuss what is Pokemon IV calculator? A pokemon IV calculator asks you to enter Pokemon related information and it will provide you the IV.

For calculating IV, most of the tools will basically ask you to select the Pokemon for which you want to perform the action. Other information includes CP, HP, dust requirements to power up the Pokemon. Different calculators require different types of information which can be obtained from the game. They have also worked out their own formulas to determine IV. If you want to reach top levels of Pokemon Go, then your top priority should be to catch high IV Pokemon.

For each of the Pokemon species, there is a determined range of power. But if we look at an individual Pokemon, their stats differ individually when compared with their species. The Pokemon Go does not explicitly provide IV of any Pokemon. The trainers depend on Pokemon IV calculators to determine whether their Pokemon have maximum CP or not.

List of Pokemon IV Calculators

There are two types of Pokemon IV calculator, automatic and manual. With automatic IV calculators, they determine IV based on the screenshot of the Pokemon. Here are some cool automated Pokemon IV calculators:


Calcy IV is an android application and uses the game screenshot to provide IV of any Pokemon. This is one of the most authentic IV calculator used by most of the trainers. It also has many features other than IV calculation like Raid and Gym Counter, Renaming, Gym badge progress reader, and comparing different screenshots


A very much convenient application to determine Pokemon IV based on both Android and IOS. It also supports image recognition feature automatically detecting Pokemon stats. It also saves IV history to facility record-based decision making and evaluation of each Pokemon.

If you want to manually enter Pokemon information and determine IV, you can use browser-based IV calculators below.


This is a convenient and reliable tool to determine your Pokemon IV. The tool interface asks users to select their species and their trainer level. Then you need to enter Pokemon CP and HP to determine individual values for your Pokemon. This Pokemon rating tool is widely used and is considered to be one of the reliable IV calculators.


It uses all the information related to the Pokemon like species, CP, HP, dust required for power-up. You can select what individual values you need to calculate so it will show only the required information. They have explained the formulas below the tool they use to calculate IV. You can go through that to get more understanding of how it works


The required information is almost the same but you can access different exciting tools also. These cluster of tools includes CP Calculator, Raid IV Calculator, Catch Rate Calculator, Raid Catch Calculator, and Breakpoint Calculator. You can always check out these to extract surprising information related to the game.

There is news that Pokemon IV Calculator may become void after some time. But still, some tools are existing and it is quite fun to use them. However, we have got you covered and you can check out below on how to determine IV without any calculator.

Determine Pokemon IV without Pokemon IV calculator

There is a way out within the Pokemon Go to determine IV of your Pokemon. For this purpose, you need to have them appraised by your Team Leader. While you are in the game:

Step 1. Tap on Pokeball

Step 2.  Tap on Pokemon

Step 3. Select Pokemon for which you want to determine IV.

Step 4. Tap three lines at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5.  You will see the appraise button and tap on that

After this, Pokemon Go team leader will provide a set of cryptic clues. The first set provides Pokemon IV range, second about Pokemon highest IV, third, it provides an estimate of IV. You need to combine all the clues to determine Pokemon IV. This Appraisal chart can help you out in decoding clues provided by the team leader

The problem with this type of calculation is that the team leader only provides a rough estimate. If you have maximum IV score of 15 for all attack, defense, and stamina then it will communicate the data. Otherwise, we have to only speculate on the basis of the clues provided.

Although, Pokemon Go does not require us to spend time on determining Pokemon IV(individual values) but still it can make an impact. We can come to know how much we can depend on any Pokemon for Battles, Gym raids, Defense and other stuff.

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