10 Best Pokezz Alternatives [Updated 2019] // PokeSniper And More

10 Best Pokezz Alternatives [Updated 2019] // PokeSniper And More


The Pokemon Battle between friends and family was accelerated with the introduction of Pokezz after the release of Pokemon Go Generation 2. With numerous battles to win, rare and powerful pokemon are hard to find so Pokezz was there to help out.

Why people were using Pokezz?

Pokezz was a Pokemon coordinates locator. Lots of pokemon are located at virtual locations and they were easy to find and collect with the help of Pokezz. This process was done while being comfortably seated at home without moving physically to different locations.

The accurate longitude and latitude information was provided for each Pokemon from all over the world which helped immensely in completing the Pokedex. The precise coordinates information greatly reduced the time of Pokemon sniping and users were catching some powerful pokemon without much hassle

Pokezz was one of the renowned and reliable location trackers frequently used by Pokemon players trying to complete their Pokedex. It continuously updated the locations of Pokemon from all over the world. The one has to be skilled in sniping technique to quickly catch the Pokemon without putting in too much effort.

There were filters available to find the type of Pokemon players were genuinely looking for so there was no time wasted in going after unwanted Pokemon. Just select and mark the pokemon which you are finding, Pokezz used to show the locations of only those and user could easily catch them.

Pokezz Alternatives

The Pokezz application was widely used by Pokemon finders to trace their targets. With the Pokezz service not available now, one has to search for reliable Pokezz alternatives and prevent delays in pokemon sniping.

Many applications other than Pokezz are available as an alternative to locating the Pokemon. Some apps may prove to be a scam so we’ve come up with a complete list of Pokezz Alternatives to help the Pokemon players out.


Pokesniper is the best and a strong alternative for Pokezz. It is true that most of the users prioritize this application service for sniping Pokemon and alternatively use Pokezz. The coordinates are easily copied by simply tapping on them and longitude or latitude can be separately copied for the convenience.

The favorite pokemon are easily tracked by selecting them or one can search by name in Pokesniper. The latest coordinates of Pokemon are traced and their locations are frequently updated to make data accurate as much as possible.



Reliable location data about Pokemon is available from almost 35 countries by Pokedex 100. All the Pokemon with high IV and CP including legendary and rare are trackable through Pokedex 100’s website and server. Users will also be shown coordinates on the homepage of some of the Pokemon but one can search on his own also.

The interface of this service is user-friendly and helps in finding the coordinates with longitude and latitude of the Pokemon. This supports Pokemon Go Generation 2 and provides the latest location updates of Pokemon from around the world.



Pokehunter allows you to find any pokemon in a given area and detect as much pokemon available there through identification on the map. This is one of the most common Pokemon treaker tools and helps to track on a map where the user wants to search.

Most of the people are concerned about its safety but over the time developers have ensured the reliability and are able to provide regular security updates. These third-party applications are often disallowed by Pokemon GO but still, the developers are able to maintain sniping features for their users.

Pokespots are shown through the map where one can catch the pokemon so it is convenient to find them all at once. If you want to hide your Pokespot then Pokehunter has this feature available too.


An application designed only for Pokemon sniping and it is truly one of the best alternatives available for Pokezz. This website gets data of Pokemon and its location through worldwide users and extensive filters, like IV, level, rarity, name, country, or expiration time, can be used to find the best suited Pokemon.

With more than 900 Pokemon, MyPogoSnipers has added the extra functionality to search the Pokemon by its name. You can then track the coordinates and catch them to complete Pokedex. One of the best filter available is to shortlist the pokemon by their IV percentage the user requires.



PokiiMap is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store to take the Pokemon battles to the next level. It can identify the coordinates of the Pokemon located in your area without any movement and effort.

The PokiiMap also detects any Pokemon and notifies the user when something is in the nearby location. Detailed information and status are provided of the Pokemon identified by Pokiimap. With a great help by Pokiimap to remain vigilant about Pokemon presence in the nearby locations, it is one of the better alternatives to Pokezz.



The impossibility of finding rare pokemon has been made possible by Rarespawns. There are numerous Pokemon in Pokedex who are rare and difficult to find. One has to be fortunate enough to catch them. Information of Pokemon is continuously collected and updated from various discord sources where users are submitting coordinates of their Pokemon.

The Pokemon names can be selected for which you want to receive future location updates and catch them. The various filters are available to target Pokemon of one’s own choice so Rarespawns is an effective Pokezz alternative



The best part about PokeVision is that it is available in all used devices from Android, Apple to Desktop. Desktop version also works perfectly with PokeVision enabling a high number of users. The Pokemon search attempts can be made after every thirty seconds without any restrictions.

Pokemon can be searched in your area or different location can be selected to find Pokemon. Legendary and rare Pokemon are also catchable with the use of PokeVision which can immensely help in boosting the battle victories. Communication is also allowed with the players using the same app so one should not miss out on Pokevision to explore the Pokemon.


Track real-time coordinates against the names of Pokemon including rare and legendary ones. This is available on both Android and desktop to snipe pokemon. In Android version, if the user has any list then one can quickly catch the pokemon by just selecting PokeSniper placed to the right of each Pokemon.



PokeSpawns was introduced by PokeHunter and helps to track all the Pokemon from the surrounding areas. This is available to use only through the website link and its ability to catch the rarest pokemon has made it one of the best Pokezz alternative. These legendary pokemon are difficult to snipe but PokeSpawns bring accurate coordinates information to find and catch them. Currently, the only rarest type of pokemon are traced but eventually pokemon and their location list will be updated over time.



One of the best user intuitive Pokemon finder application and is very much convenient to use. Pokesensor customizes the user experience for each player and is a free Pokemon scanner service. When a scan is performed, all the Pokemon within a radius of 2 km are detected with their IVs and precise location information. Even the hidden ones are detected to show the user a maximum number of Pokemon available in an area.



Pokewhere is another scanner app which can detect all the pokemon in the given area once the scanning is performed after installation. The live location is shown for all the pokemon with accurate details. The application doesn’t require one to create an account before using the application so it saves time. The scanning speed is quick and developers have removed scanning bugs over the period of time and it has evolved a better alternative to find Pokemon. Once scanned, results are shown until the countdown makes the result vanish and fresh scan has to be performed in order to receive the latest live locations.



An automated Pokemon scanner android application which can keep scanning in the background to effectively deliver live coordinates. User can set up notification preferences in order to track the Pokemon of his own choice. Also, they are able to share the coordinates with friends through PokeTrack.

This android based scanner also allows raid scanning like Gym raid notifications. The Pokemon IV and Moves details are also collected and shown to the users so they can decide themselves which Pokemon to catch to complete their Pokedex.


To place the Pokedex completion process on the fast track, one has to be very efficient and effective in Pokemon Sniping techniques. Pokezz has been the most widely used Pokemon location finder but since one has to keep digging more and more to win over their battles from friends and family. You can bookmark this webpage to keep in quick access of all the Pokezz alternatives. Also if you want some pokemon promo codes then you can check it out here. https://pokemongopromocode.com

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