What Pokemon Are YOU // 7 BEST Quizzes To Find Out [Updated 2020]

What Pokemon Are YOU // 7 BEST Quizzes To Find Out [Updated 2020]


The word Pokemon comes from ‘Pocket Monster’. Pokemon was introduced by Japan. With the passage of time Pokemon becoming popular all around the world. Many series and films were made on pokemon and its fan following increasing day by day.

Many of its fans want to become a pokemon and they wish that they exist in real life. That is not possible but no problem here we can complete your one wish that if pokemon exist in real life then which pokemon suits your personality? So here we are describing some sites where you can go and answer the simple questions about your personality and in the end, they suggest that which pokemon are you.

1. Brainfall.com


This website helps you to complete your wish that which pokemon suits your personality so simply you can go on this site and answer the simple questions asked by this site. There are 1 to 8 questions that were asked by this site you can simply answer them and in the end, they will
Suggest the pokemon that will suit your personality according to your answers. The one feature that I like most about this site is if you are not satisfied with your pokemon character then you can also see other characters related to your personality. So go and check it.

2. Buzzfeed.com


This website interface is very simple. There were also 8 questions that were asked. So you can simply answer the first question and then scroll down and answer the second question and when you answer the last question then this website suggests the pokemon which suits your character. And you can also share the character with your friends on facebook.

3. Allthetests.com


Allthetests.com is a site where you can check which pokemon suits your personality. There were 1 to 10 question that was asked and according to your answer they suggest you pokemon character. The feature that makes this site different from others is when you answer all the questions then they suggest you pokemon character by percentage i.e You answered 10 questions and after your last answer, they will suggest you that your personality match this pokemon 30% or 80% e.t.c. and you can also share your pokemon character with your friends on social media.



This is a quiz site which takes quizzes for different shows but here we discussed it because of this site also take the quiz and at the end, they will suggest you the pokemon character whether it is Raichu, Ninjast, Zoroark, Pikachu e.t.c. There were 25 questions were asked and after that, they will suggest your character in pokemon. So go and check it out

5. Magiquiz.com


On this site, you have to answer 20 questions and you get to know about your character in pokemon. You can simply go to this site and start the quiz by clicking on the start the quiz button and after all the answer to the questions waits for a few seconds they will show your character in pokemon. Then you can show off your result on facebook or twitter.

6. Gotoquiz.com


There were 20 questions asked on this site to suggest your pokemon character This site is similar to the allthetests.com mentioned above but it has one unique feature that makes it different from allthetests.com is that this site shows you not a single character in pokemon but also the other characters like 80% Pikachu, 50% Mew, 45% Chimchar e.t.c according to your answers. You can also take benefit from this site if you are a pokemon fan.

7. Proprofs.com


This website is for suggesting you pokemon character by just answering some quizzes. But it has also one feature that you can also create quizzes on this site. The questions asked on this site are 21. You can start the quiz by just clicking on the start button.

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